This Plumbing Business Grew from $2M to $27M in less than 5 years

by Plumbing Marketing Profits on October 2, 2012

In a article featured in ACHR New Williams Comport Air explained how they grew their Plumbing & HVAC business from $2M to $27M in revenue in less than 5 years. Take a look at their proactive marketing strategy that gets the phone ringing:

Williams Comfort Air – Marketing Machine

Williams Mechanical - Plumbing Marketing MachineA key factor in the continued success of the companies is a comprehensive marketing program that is designed to generate sales leads, and according to Huck, “The phone rings because the company is a marketing machine.”

Williams Comfort Air has an internal marketing department headed by Suzi Nichols. She works closely with Huck to develop a variety of advertising and promotion programs designed to bring in leads on a consistent, ongoing basis. The company budgets 10 percent of its gross sales for advertising. Nichols uses direct mail, Valpak, Yellow Pages, newspaper, radio, and TV advertising because she believes there is no magic bullet, but she constantly measures the results to determine the return on the advertising investment. Each promotion has its own unique telephone number that ties into a custom tracking system. In fact, Williams Comfort Air has over 200 phone numbers.

Nichols also identified branding as a necessary ingredient to the success of the company. She helped design a corporate color (lime green) and a consistent design for all the company’s promotions and especially for company vehicles. “The vehicles need to scream out, ‘Look at me!’ You can see our lime green vehicles coming a quarter of a mile down the road,” she said with pride.

You can read the entire article here –

What do you think? How can you start to implement some of these strategies in your plumbing business?

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