The E-Myth For Contractors – A Must Read For All Plumbing Business Owners

by Dean Iodice on October 26, 2012

the-emyth-for-contractorsIf you been listening to the past couple of podcasts you will find that many of the successful plumbing contractors seem to have a lot in common. They have marketing budgets, advertise in multiple mediums, and the are constantly educating themselves through associations like PHCC and QSC. But also through self educating themselves by reading business books.

In Josh’s interview with Phillip Maurici of the Clean Plumbers, Philip mentioned that every business owner must read Michael Gerber’s The E-Myth. I could not agree more with this statement. I’ll go even further and say, if you read only one business book in your lifetime, it must be the E-Myth. This is the single book that changed my whole perspective on what is needed to run a successful business. The mindset change that you make after reading this book will change you and your business forever.

If you are a regular reader of this website and listen to the podcast then realize that our goal is put you into the millionaire business owner  mindset. Today there are hundreds of 1 man plumbing companies struggling to build their business or, and it’s sad to say closing shop. Without the mindset of success it’s hard to survive in times like these, and as small business operators, we need to be constantly educating ourselves on how, not just survive in business, but to grow and prosper.

The E-Myth is a book that will get you on the road to success, but like anything you have to put your ego in the back seat, like Mary Jean Anderson from Anderson Plumbing said in our interview with her. Be willing to learn from others and constantly be educating yourself.

Micheal Gerber has a version of his book called the E-Myth for contractors, take the time grab a copy and get on the fast lane to success.

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